What is Google Adsense & how to make money with adsense jobs ?

Google Adsense is considered as the best contextual ad network that shares the revenue of Google with publishers, blog owners or webmasters. Basically, Google’s main source of income are the ads that are showed up by the advertises every day on its search engine. Google needs some websites to show up those ads as per their respective niche or content in the pages to show all the ads as required. Google pays you for showing those ads whenever a visitor clicks on those ads. We wanted to write about this topic as many Indians are making a good income using google adsense & we want you to read this carefully to make full use of it.

What is Google Adsense

Points Related to google Adsense for Indians

  • This is the best contextual ad network present on the internet. People can earn big time if their website is receiving daily & regular traffic.
  • You get paid through Direct Bank Transfer after your minimum amount of payment is achieved. You get paid monthly.
  • Getting an adsense account approved is a bit difficult but if you have a genuine & original content website then it becomes easy & you get a very fast approval.
  • If you want a recurring income then the 2 best programs you can use are affiliate marketing & Adsense.
  • Google is very strict with its guidelines about Adsense accounts & you have to fulfill all those criterias so that your account is not banned.
  • There are many monetizing techniques for blogs but Adsense is considered as the best one as it is owned by Google that is a public holding company & always has the revenue to publishers.
  • For Indians, Adsense provides a great opportunity as the payments are in Dollars & due to foreign exchange rates the payments become big with time if you are getting good amount of traffic on your website.
  • Adsense jobs are the best grosser if you become a premium publisher to show Ads. To become a premium publisher your site traffic is considered to be a criteria.

These were the few points we had to mention about google adsense. Kindly leave comments below if you have anything to add or edit in this post.

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