What is Affiliate Marketing – How to do affiliate marketing – Meaning & Examples

Affiliate marketing is the process of marketing products or programs on the internet through your websites/blogs. It is totally based on the performance or conversion of your visitors to buyers that what will be your income in this process. You have to provide with the best content about anything that you are promoting for your visitor to check out & you get paid when he/she makes a purchase or even registers. We wanted to provide with a manual on how to start affiliate marketing to Indians as it is a great source of income for many professional bloggers already. Kindly read this post with the below points for your benefits as they have full information you need to know & understand that what is affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Jobs & Companies

When you read about how to start blogging then you come to know that affiliate marketing jobs are one of the best ways to develop an online income. This job gives you an opportunity to promote new age products , tools & websites which in return pay you big time. This is a kind of a great online job & Indians are using it every day to generate a healthy income. If you are serious about learning in depth affiliate marketing then please click on the below image of the book called Affiliate marketing for beginners by Harsh Agrawal who is a professional Affiliate Marketeer from India.

There are many marketplaces or affiliate marketing companies that provide you with the above mentioned opportunities. Few of the best have been listed below for you to check our & make use of promptly if you are an Indian.


Flipkart.com is a leading e-commerce company in India & many of its products can be promoted by the relative niche blog owners to make an income online.


Just like flipkart , snapdeal.com also provides an earning opportunity to blog owners.


Amazon.In is again a leading e-commerce company for Indians. It also provides great platform to earn through promoting its products.


Cuelinks.Com is a great & new age affiliate program for Indians. It acts as the common affiliate platform for all the e-commerce websites that exist in India. Websites that provide daily deals, coupons & offers of various e-commerce websites may use it to generate an income.


Clickbank.com is a world wide known market place that has many products related to various niches. All these are digital products & provide a good earning opportunity.

Commission Junction

cj.com is an affiliate market place for blog owners to find the products that are well suited for them to promote & make money out of it.


Just like ClickBank, shareasale.com is also a great market place but it has a property to promote popular products only & has a great conversion rate.


It is also a marketplace but it is specifically meant for the promotion of software products only.

All the above platforms provide unique affiliate links to you to promote their products individually. You just have to be careful with your promotions for any of the above platforms as Google is very strict about spam. These were the points we had to provide on affiliate marketing in India. Kindly leave comments below if you have any queries or suggestions about this topic.

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