Part time Jobs for students from home or anywhere they want in India

Part time jobs are the need of those students who want to work & earn for their basic costs & in the meantime learn the art of developing a source of livelihood which is going to be fruitful for them in the long run. This post is a collection of all these ideas & will be able to explain every bit of information you need to have on this topic. Other than students any other who is eligible & has time can also work on these jobs to make extra income but honestly, this post has been compiled putting students as a priority in the mind. Read the below points to understand for yourself, the basic needs & results of any part time job.

We have also compiled a list of Part time jobs for specific cities as per their specialities. They are as follows:-

part time jobs

10 best Part time jobs for students in India


Being a student whatever you learn in the college/school can be taught again to your juniors. You can search for all those students who need tuition & teach them as per their requirements. It is a fact that in India parents do like their children studying after school. You can make good money through this stream too.

2.Boutique Associates

This is a great job for fashion enthusiasts as a boutique is a small store that sells stylish clothing, jewelry, or other usually expensive things & you can make use of this kind of a place big time if you love fashion by making some money on a part time basis.


Freelancing is a kind of service that you can provide either online or offline to anyone who seeks for your services. These can be any kind of services related to the skills you may have. It can be related to Graphics & Design , Digital Marketing , Writing & Translation , Video Making , Animation , Financial consultation e.t.c. You just have to choose out of these skills & provide them as required by the people around you or you can even search for some freelance provider websites that allow you to meet up with people who want your services.


Our post on online earning tells you about the basic points related to the internet earning mechanism. Blogging is a great medium to develop an online income. A blog is a simple website in which you post updates almost daily on the matters of interest you. In the meantime, while blogging, you make a name on the internet as per the potential of the niche of that blog. You also make up a name for yourself while doing so which makes you eligible to provide consultancy on the related topics on which you are blogging. That makes up revenue for you as a blog also earns in the same as a newspaper or television channel through ads , promotional material , selling some self made worthy products , or providing services e.t.c. The most interesting point about blogging is that you can do it even from home & you just need a laptop with an internet connection. You can also read our post on how to start blogging for general ideas about it.

5.Customer Service

Every shop or showroom or even restaurant needs customer service providers. You can opt for that if you like to serve people. Having a part time job related to your interest at any shop as a customer service provider will be more beneficial for you.


This is a great Art & you can even become a professional in photography if you do this for long time. At various events either they are private or public people do need photographers & if you have developed a name in this field you can work as a photographer as part time whenever you like.

7.Marketing/Technical Intern

An intern is a person who works for experience & sometime even without pay. But, in some Tele-Marketing or Field Marketing work you do get paid. Other than that the new age services of software development or website development in the technical field should also be learnt by you working part time for concerned firms.

8.Pet Care

Animal loving students can make great part time income by taking care of the pets of people who have to leave their pets for sometime.

9.Child or Senior Citizen Care

Child Care or baby sitting is a very popular part time job. In the same way senior citizens also need proper & timely care with their physical & mental health. This is an awesome job if you are interested to earn through it.

10.Tour Guide

This is for those students who are living at a place where many tourists come & being a local citizen you have a lot of idea about the place. You can guide them & get paid. Just, remember that whatever you are doing is legal action.

These are the 10 best part time jobs that have been compiled by us for students which they can do from home or anywhere they want. There can be many more innovative ideas related to this subject & more jobs can be used up in part time but this is a list we compiled as these are good for anyone now a days in India. Please do leave comments if you feel like contributing to this post or submitting your suggestions.

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