Online Survey Jobs in India : Guide By NaukriLog.In

Online survey jobs in India are also very popular kind of online jobs & we did some research on the best sites that provide these kinds of jobs. Hence, we found some sites which are genuine & paying smoothly. However, we have mentioned only 3 sites in the below list. 2 of those sites are also explained in the post about earning money online by viewing ads as that is there basic business model. Kindly read the list below & checkout the websites referred if you haven’t tried them yet.

online survey jobs

The list of online survey jobs sites

Site 1: WorthyShout

This site is a great site for the Indians specifically & provides great online earning opportunity through online survey jobs. We have mentioned this site at the top because it is meant only for survey work. You have to make a profile of yours & get surveys time to time on the basis of your category & interest. Click Here & go to this site to make a free account if you haven’t made it yet.

Site 2: Neobux

However this is also a website that pays you to view ads but they have a mini jobs section that may ask you with survey jobs on the internet other than viewing  ads. Click here to go to his website & make a free account if you haven’t made it yet.

Site 3: Clixsense Surveys

This is a part of a website clixsense explained in our post about earning money by viewing ads. They have a very good collection of online surveys that are very specific according to your demands & views. The best thing about these surveys is that they pay a higher amount of money in comparison to some other sites. Click Here to checkout the surveys page & make a free account if you haven’t done that yet.

This was the list of the sites providing online survey jobs to Indians. In our knowledge these sites can provide the highest paying the most legitimate survey jobs. If you want to add a site to this list or if you have any queries related to this topic then you can comment below in the comments section.

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