Online part time jobs without investment for students in India

Online Part time jobs are the ones which are generally searched by students in India. Hence, we have made a list of the best online part time jobs without investment that can help students to earn online in the spare time they have left apart from their studies & extra curricular activities. Kindly check the below list carefully & do the jobs as per your needs or requirements.

Online part time jobs

List of online part time jobs for Students

Here is the list of 6 part time jobs that can be done online by students or any other Indian.

1. Get paid for viewing ads & completing offers

The easiest & best way to earn money on the internet is viewing ads & doing simple tasks. We have mentioned this kind of work in many posts on our blog. You just have to checkout the websites that pay you genuinely for viewing ads. Click Here to get the websites that provide ads viewing work.

2. Get paid for taking surveys

Few websites do pay you for taking surveys online. Most of them are not trustworthy but we have found one site that is really good & you should make a free account on this one if you want earn online without investment. Click Here to go to our recommended site.

3. Affiliate marketing Work

You can search for some affiliate marketplaces & promote the products present in there to make good money online. You just have to generate your affiliate links from these programs & no investment is required. However, some study is required to be done in the field of internet marketing if you seriously want to earn affiliate income on a part time basis.

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4. Part time Blogging

All the students love this job as they have to blog about whatever thing they are interested in. They can work on free websites or even paid websites that have larger amount of resources. You make money through affiliate marketing or third party ad networks on your blog. Some professional bloggers also provide services on their blog to make extra money & you can also achieve that situation if you keep working & learn the art of blogging.

5. Online Teaching

If you like to teach then this is a great idea for the new generation as internet can be used to even make money & that too without investment. You just have to upload videos on your channel to earn through ads or you can even sell your videos on a marketplace.

6. Part time Photography

If you like to do photography then there are websites that allow you to sell your photographs on their platform.

These were the 6 online part time online job ideas for students & other Indians by us. Add to this list by leaving your esteemed comments below.

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