23 Online jobs for students in India – Top & Free online jobs

Online jobs for students are a lot in demand because of the growth of the population in India as every students wants to make extra money on the internet. We have compile a list of 23 online jobs for students that can be used by any students earn on the internet.

Kindly read the below list & check out the jobs as some of them will surely earn your interest.

Note: This is an extended list of the Online Part time jobs for students listed by us.

Online jobs for students

List of free online jobs for students

1. Paid Survey Jobs

Paid survey is one of the earning way on the internet. Click here to to get a great site to earn through surveys for Indians.

2. Teaching on the internet

You can teach any subject of your choice online through various YouTube channels or websites that are meant for teaching specifically.

3. Writing Articles

Online writing work is provided by some freelancing websites as many content writers are hired through them by the website owners who want to have some distinguished content on their sites.

4. Freelancer work

Sites that provide writing jobs also provide some freelancing work online which requires you to use your skills properly.

5. Typing Jobs

Typing jobs can also be found online if you want . You just need some good typing speed to earn through this kind of work.

6. Paid to Click Jobs

You make money by viewing ads when you click on the ads & they show up in front of you. Click here to get a list of sites that give that opportunity.

7. Ad Posting Jobs

Mostly, ad posting job is a fake one but if you can get some sites that provide that kind of genuine work then please mention in comments section.

8. Website Content Writer

A website individually also highers some writers. These are generally news or media websites. You can get that job too, if you are ready to write for long time.

9. Earn Money Online From YouTube

Upload videos on your YouTube channel & make money through ads.

10. Become a Virtual Assistant

These are posts for people who work as assistants online. Get hired to do this job through job providing websites.

11. Data Entry Jobs

The internet also provides you to to be a data entry operator if you are going to be a fast learner with its earning mechanism.

12. Playing Games

Online earning is possible even with playing games. Search for those kind of opportunities.

13. Photographer

You can take pics & sell online.

14. Resume Writer Online

People need their resumes to be written in a well managed way. Give them your services & make money.

15. Transcription Jobs

It is not very popular but has good potential if you are goo at it. Search for these kinds of jobs.

16. Social Media Manager

Its a post of the social media user who manages pages of many celebrities & organizations. These kinds of jobs are hard to find by but have a lot of demand now a days.

17. Logo Designing

If you like to design on the computer then this is the job for you.

18. Sell Your Books

You can sell the books that are of no use to you now to earn more.

19. Write E-book

E-books are the new age gift to mankind & people on the internet do purchase e-books if they are of value. You can write one too.

20. Online Coding Jobs

Software programmers are high in demand to write codes online. There are many websites that allo0w you to get hired online only to do these kinds of jobs.

21. Power point Presentation

Power point presentation is required to be created while doing a presentation in any seminar or conference. You can work to make these also online & get paid.

22. Sell Your Crafts

If you like to make crafts then you can even sell it online to make some money. Search for these kinds of websites that are specifically meant for crafts only.

23. Selling Old Pictures

Apart from selling your own taken photographs online, you can even sell your old pics to earn money.

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These were the 23 online job ideas for students in India. You can opt for these jobs especially along with any professional courses after 12th to make an extra income or part time income.

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