Online job scams : How to stay away from ponzi schemes & frauds ?

Online Job scams have been on a rise in India in the past few years. It is because of the lack of awareness in the Indians related to the Internet & the measures that make this happen. In this post, it has been explained very well that how you should be equipped to stay away from these fraudster websites or people.

online job scams

Points related to Online job scams

  • What is an online job scam ?

Any work in which you are asked to pay money to get the job & the method of earning seems impractical, it can be called a scam. It can even be a scheme in which you are asked to invest money or some work in which you are not given payment proofs.

  • How to stay away from these scams ?

Before joining any job search for its credibility on the internet, the company that is running the website providing any jobs & also for how long they have been in business. After doing the research, if you don’t feel like joining don’t go for it. As per our experience, more than 95% of the sites are fake or present for very short term. Just remember, never invest in any site on the internet that asks you to do so.

  • Don’t fall for impractical business models

There are many business models that are not long lasting & are generally too good to be true. Any normal Indian with some kind of intelligence can sort out a site with unrealistic business model. Mostly, these kinds of sites don’t have a good graphic presentation at the end of the user. However, some of the models have become a reality in the digital age of the 21st century like earning money by viewing ads in which the advertiser pays a member to view ads & the member is genuinely paid for that. But, even this kind of industry has cons as most of the sites don’t last for a long time.

More points may be added in the future but for now, here is a post on online job scams. Please contribute your thoughts on this post through the comments section below.

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