Online Data entry Jobs without investment – The reality for Indians

Online Data entry jobs is a term that is misused a lot in India. People search for it on the internet because they think that they can get these kinds of jobs easily & there are many scammers who are fooling the public with their paid schemes that honestly don’t provide any job. However there are few sites that do provide some legitimate work but their potential is not as huge as compared to some established sites in the online money making industry. This post is on the topic of those kinds of online data entry jobs that you should stay away from & also those that provide genuine opportunity to earn money.

online data entry jobs

Online Data entry jobs that you should stay away from

As explained in our post about online job scams , any site that asks for money to provide any kind of data entry job is mostly a scam & you should stay away from these kinds of schemes. You should always verify the authenticity of the business website & its owner that is providing any of these kinds of jobs.

Due to very high demand of the keyword “Data entry jobs” on the internet, there are many websites that do a lot of marketing & claim in the beginning to provide you with a job concerning data entry but at last fall apart or stop paying you with real money.

Genuine Data entry work providing sites

The concept of data entry has to be understood when you are looking for any websites to earn through online data entry jobs. In the age where even earning money online by viewing ads is possible, these kinds of websites also exist.  Here is a list of few sites along with the concept of genuine ideas of working in the form of data entry without investment.

Micro Job Sites

Search for micro job sites on the internet & you would get a list of few sites that provide work without investment. The thing that you have to take care of is what kind of work are you looking to do.

This is a website that provides you an opportunity to work as a freelancer doing any kind of work demanded by the online employer. Data entry is one of those jobs on this free to earn site.

This is the best site on the internet to work on a variety of job work. One of them is data entry job. The person or company who is hiring you is totally genuine & verified. You get paid easily through various payment processors using this website.

Captcha entry sites

You can search for these kinds of websites too that provide captcha entry work which is a form of data entry. We just mentioned this kind of websites as they do exist but honestly, their potential is not that huge to be considered big time. You can always try them out for some time, as you may like them also.

Remember that in all the sites & ideas explained above to find the online data entry jobs, you get paid through a payment processor like paypal or payoneer, e.t.c . You can always contact us if you want help regarding payment system.

This was our post on on free online data entry jobs without investment for Indians. Leave comments below if you want to add something to this post with any new ideas you may have or if you have any questions or suggestions regarding data entry.

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