How to make money with website in India – The best ways

Website development is an art & Indians really need to know how to make money with website in India. It is because of the future that is going to be digital & website development is going to be a hot opportunity for the generations to come. We wanted to compile a post on website development & hence we wrote this post with the best ways to make money using your own website. Kindly follow the basic points & use them to generate an income online.

make money with website

Important Points on making money with a website

A website or a blog is nothing but a web address that has to be productive in nature for the visitors it receives. It can even be made for free with various blogging platforms like using your google account. However, to earn regularly using unlimited facilities we recommend you to make a website using the following paid measures :-

1. Domain Name

It is the name of your website. It is the main thing for any website as whatever you do happens on this domain name. E.g. NaukriLog.In is a domain name of our blog.

2.Web Hosting

It is the service that provides you save to save data for your website/blog & launch it on the internet.

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The basic Methods to develop an income using your website are as follows :-

1. Google AdSense

It is a contextual ad network program by Google itself for webmasters to monetize their blogs. They just have to publish content that is good for the readers & becomes highly visibly on the search engine for its respective keywords & in the process they make good money with the growing amount of traffic. Publishers earn through the ads served by Google on their websites under this program. There are many networks like AdSense but it is considered as the best Google itself is the owner of this program.

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2. Affiliate Marketing

It is a way of earn online using your website & works as a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. There are many companies that provide affiliate marketing opportunities to the publishers on the internet.

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We hope you will be able to use both the above methods effectively to earn a decent income on the internet. The only thing that you have to remember is that you have to make a website/blog that has great content & you have to work on improving the rank of your blog for various keywords in Google.

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This was our post about making money with website in India. You can start with free websites but it is recommended to go with paid hosting after you get some experience to make it work smoothly. Kindly leave comments below with your suggestions about this post.

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