Interview Questions & Answers – Basic Interview tips & skills for jobs

When you want to get hired for a job in India, most probably you have to face interview questions & you should be prepared to give the best answers to those questions to leave an impact on the HR Management of the employer. The top & best interview questions & answers have been compiled in this post with a lot of research for you to read & brush up your mind with these tips to get benefits in the future for any job interview you may face. If you have a question in your mind like how to face an interview” then please read the below questions & answers & the skills or tips associated with them. They have been explained after collecting information from the people experienced after giving or taking many questions as we are all humans and there has to be a certain way to crack any interview for jobs or naukri either it is for the job of a teacher, bank manager, finance officer or any kind of personal interview.

Interview Questions & Answers

Top Interview Questions & Answers along with tips

Some common or technical questions with their probable or constructive answers & tips associated have been provided below. All the related questions revolve around these only. They are very necessary to be read about thoroughly to prepare yourself for any kind of an interview so that you can be sure in your mind with what answers you are going to give for a particular question. Remember one more thing that the way to answer has been provided & you have to build the answers yourself on that basic theme we have mentioned.

Q.1. Tell me/us something about yourself

Answer: Share your personal interests relating to mental & physical aspects & after that sharing your professional skills will be good enough. Just avoid any controversial topics to be talked about as the person who is asking questions will go your way.

Tips: Keep it short & simple. Share your expertise. It can be related to the job you want to be hired for. If you are genuinely good at it then more than half of your recruitment is done there only.

Q.2. Why do you want this job ?

Answer: Mention about the job & company & how can you be associated with in a positive way.

Tips: Research on the company, give emphasis on your potential contributions.

Q.3. Why did you leave your last job ?

Answer: If you are a fresher then this can’t be asked but if you are an experienced fellow with job then give any genuine reason to leave your last job.

Tips: Stick to the facts, Focus on making the interviewer talk about future.

Q.4. How much salary do you expect ?

Answer: Offer a number that you will accept and be able to live with & calculate an average salary for the position you are looking for.

Tips: Don’t overrate yourself with salary

Q.5. Which is your biggest strength ?

Answer: Talk about strong work ethics , writing skills or salesmanship as required by the job. Confidence is the essence of strength.

Tips: Talking about attribute that settle you for the job will be the best idea.

Q.6. Which is your biggest weakness ?

Answer: Talk about improving at something which you are not good in.

Tips: Focus on the positive in the negative

Q.7. How do you face pressure ?

Answer: Take pressure on a positive note & mention that pressure gets the best out of you.

Tips: Give an example

Q.8. Tell me/us about any challenging situation in your work previously

Answer: Talk about decisions you have taken which has impacted lives of people related to you professionally.

Tips: Any fact with your life will be good

Q.9. Why should you be hired by us ?

Answer: Present your qualification, keep it short & tell about your uniqueness.

Tips: Just tell the employer what you have to offer.

Q.10. What are your plans/dreams/goals for the future ?

Answer: Talk about growing with the company you are working in & be valuable as much as you can.

Tips: Keep your focus on the job & the company interviewing you.

Other than the above 10 questions & answers, an interview can also have excerpts related to the job or field you are in. Most of the above questions are asked when you are changing one job to other. On the other hand, if you are a fresher then there can be a simple spinoff to the same questions above & it is not that difficult to be prepared for those kinds of situations.

This was all we had to write about interview questions & answers for our readers. Please leave comments below if you want to add or edit something to this post as it can be really beneficial for our visitors.

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