How to start blogging using blogging tools, tips & best sites

Blogging is the new age idea or process to make an income online. We wanted to provide the best content on blogging & related topics to our readers from India so we have published this post. It is the mastery manual on blogging tools & tips that will teach you how to start blogging & make a great, healthy & recurring income out of it while doing it wholeheartedly. We have compiled a list of few points regarding making a blog & generating revenue out of it. Kindly read those points carefully if you want to understand its concept & use it as much you can.

Please Note: A blog is also a kind of a website but has various differences in comparison to some other websites. But, we recommend a typical blog kind of a website to the fellow Indians to generate an online income.


How to start blogging or make a blog ?

You can start making a blog using the best sites for blogging. They are free of cost & are very user friendly in nature. They help you to learn the art of blogging if you are just starting out. These sites are as follows :-

  1. Blogger.Com By Google
  2. Svbtle.Com
  3. WordPress.Com
  5. Webs.Com
  6. Weebly.Com
  7. Wix.Com

However all of these are free platforms, but they provide a great opportunity to newbie bloggers to understand & implement their Blogging ideas but using self hosted blogs is far more beneficial due to more resources & unlimited reach to your visitors around the world.

You can blog about anything that is of interest to you. Just search for the in demand keywords related to your niche & blog about them making them topics. Writing great content helps a lot in branding of blog & build up authority of your blog in the search engines like Google. Connecting your blog with social media is also a good idea in the present age where there  are lot of discussions going on in the social media no matter what is the topic of your blog.

You have to build an email list if you want to be a professional blogger. It helps in marketing strategies & spreading your updates to your visitors & each subscriber is a frequent visitor of your blog.

More information can be found out on the post about Making money with a website.

How to generate an income out of your blog ?

You can generate revenue out of your blog through various programs like ad networks or affiliate marketplaces by promoting content & products on the internet after you start getting a good or significant amount of traffic regularly. The various ways generate a recurring income through your blog are as follows :-

  1. Monetizing your blog with ad networks like Google adsense
  2. Using the process of affiliate marketing to the fullest by promoting products hosted on various affiliate marketplaces.

On the whole you just have to choose a niche in which you would like to blog & use your time to publish great content that is liked by your readers. These were the blogging tools & tips we had to mention about starting your blog. Kindly leave comments or suggestions below about this topic if you want.

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