Make money online in India without investment from home – Free income guide

How to make money online is a term that is very common in India. Indians want to earn money online through genuine ways on a regular basis without investment either from the comforts of their home or anywhere they want. We have compiled few points on how to make money online in India without investment from home which you would like to checkout at least once if you are interested in making money online. Kindly check the below points to earn an income on the internet.

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11 Ways to earn money online without investment

The 12 ways have been well sorted out & published below for the Indians to checkout & make use of.

1. Viewing ads on PTC Sites

We have mentioned this kind of work on few of our posts. PTC sites are the sites that help you earn money by viewing ads & completing tasks. Check the below link to learn the method of making money from these sites without investment.

Click Here to read about earning money by viewing ads & complete offers

2.Use your smartphone to generate income

You can even install some apps in your smartphone to generate income from. These apps work on a business model that help you earn through number of ways like referring , completing tasks, e.t.c

Click Here to checkout the best apps to make money

3. Online Trading

Trading stocks, currencies , commodities, e.t.c is also possible online through registered gateways in India. Make a search for these kinds of websites & make money online.

4. Flipping of Websites

You can even sell your websites on few sites like Flippa.Com & generate an income out of it when your website is old enough & has good traffic on it.

5. Providing Consultancy

Consultancy in the field of your expertise is like a dream job for anyone. You can even do that online & get paid for that online only.

6.  SEO Management

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a very big field now & you can generate a handsome income out of it if you start providing SEO services to people who need it. Just remember that the service should be genuine & should use ethical ways to start with otherwise there is no point in having that kind of a service.

7. Web designing

People also search for web designers online. You can make a website & submit online as required by the client & make an income out of it. There are many Indians who are doing this work full time & have made it a permanent business. But, they all started as learners. You can make websites for yourself too to earn money online & you need to have an idea how a website generates an income to make it your work.

Click Here to check out how to make money with website

8. Using Fiverr

Fiverr.Com is a playground of freelancers & some of them are making very good income out of it because of the amount of skills they have. We recommend you to make a free account in there & start making money. Earning Money with fiverr is good for Indians because of the various kinds of work available on this site.

9. Online Surveys

Online Survey sites are very popular among a section of the population in India. But there are very few sites that provide genuine earning opportunity through surveys. Do search for them online. There are few websites referred on our blog in other posts which help you to make money online through surveys.

Click here to checkout the sites providing survey jobs

10. Selling on the internet

You can sell on many websites in India now. OLX , QUIKR are only 2 of those websites. There are some e-commerce websites also where you can sell online.

11. Captcha Entry Work

There are many websites that provide captcha entry work & even when their potential is low we had to mention them in this list. Hence, you can also check them out whether or not they are good enough for you to make money online without investment.

Click Here for Captcha Entry Work & Captcha Entry Job sites

These were the 11 basic free ways to earn money online in India without investment from home. Leave comments below with your experience concerning the above told ways if you have any.  You can also leave comments if you have any queries or suggestions related to this post.

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