Why most of the Indians want to do Govt Jobs only ?

Government Jobs are the most in demand by the Indians. You must have observed by now that there is a lot of material on job posts related to government present on our website. There is a Government Jobs section our website. These are nothing but the best govt job notifications for the Indians. We have done some research on the topic of government jobs & why are they way ahead in demand than the other kinds of jobs. This post on this topic only & you should read it if you want to be aware with the answer to this question. In the process you may also like to have a government job.

Government Jobs

Government Jobs related Points

Here is a description of why are they a lot in demand ? Kindly read carefully. This is nothing but a collection of 4 basic points that will tell you the answer.

Job Security:

This is the best thing that you want in any job & because it is government job you can rest assure that you are not going to loose your job until something wrong is done by you yourself. In most of the other jobs, whether you will remain with the job or not is a huge question as there are many factors that decide it, however in government jobs this kind of trouble can never happen either its the category of airport jobs which are not very popular but lucrative or any other public sector job.

Bonus Payments:

Pay commission suggestions are always working in the benefits of government servants & they take full benefits of these time to time taking changes. Government job offers that facility of a rise in pay scale that is considered as a major point to opt for these jobs.


You always get proper recognition & acknowledgment from the society as you are good for them who want your help in any matter concerned with your job. People will always give you respect their entire life no matter what is their own situation because they know that they can ask you for any government related work in your department.

Assured Income:

The income is always assured on a timely basis in any government job because of the revenue fixing capability of the government no matter what is the situation of any department, you would be paid your income at time. In most of the other private jobs the income is not assured if the company is in loss or because of other reasons. In fact, there are many jobs in which the income is paid only after seeing the profits.

These were our points about Government Jobs that make them the best in demand by the Indian Public. More points may be added in the future according to the needs of the topic. Add your viewpoints to this post through the comments section below.

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