100+ Business Ideas in India – The best new & small Business ideas

Business Ideas are searched a lot in India by people who want to earn an extra income other than a job & people who want to do business only. We are a blog about latest Govt jobs notifications & other private jobs but we wanted to provide some great business ideas to Indians. Hence, we are wrote this post for you to read & select any of the business ideas to follow & work on them to generate a healthy & stable income either online or offline as some of these are ideas use internet also. These can be meant for both Men & Women. These ideas are the best, latest, new & even be called as small scale business ideas in India. Kindly search for an idea on the internet only if you want to know more about it. Just remember that because these are pure business ideas , most of them need an investment in the beginning, so please read this post for few minutes & after that only decide which ideas to opt in which you can invest yourself or by the help of Government using their various policies & programs.

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List of Business ideas – Innovative & meant for both men & women

1. Online Business Ideas

The internet is a gift to mankind & we can all use it to generate an income. We just have to learn the art of online money making. There are various aspects to this kind of a business & we have written a post about about online business ideas specifically that you should read to know in detail about the costs & income sources used in this venture. The beauty of this kind of business is that you can use it as a home based opportunity where you are free to work whenever you want. There are various online jobs that you can do to earn money on the internet.

2. Distributorship

You can become a distributor of any kinds of products either digital or physical after applying & getting selected to be one. Food products distributorship is a great prospect.

3. Coaching

If you are good at teaching then this is a good business idea for you. You can teach anything like science or even a language of your choice. Having a special qualification in the field of any of the subjects you teach can be beneficial for you.

4. Trading Stocks

You can even trade stocks in India. Very few people know about this measure but it has lot of potential if you are good at hunching price of shares. You can learn this art with experience.

5. Counseling Service

You can help people by counseling for them in whatever venture they want. It can be related to career or even be psychological help. However Doctors are there for this situation but you can be freelance helper in this business.

6. Consultancy service

Its a genuine measure for those who want to provide their consultancy professionally in any field they are a master of. e.g. lawyers, C.A. e.t.c.

7. Making Idols

Idols are used either as deity or showpiece by people all around the country. If you have a hobby to make idols then this is a business for you.

8. Making Handicrafts

If you are good at stitching & other crafty work like making sweaters, bags from cloth, e.t.c. then this an be an idea for you. Its all about making descent items & selling to the people who need it.

9. Making Papad & Pickles

This is an ultimate home based business idea for women in India who want to earn through their skills. This can work big time if you market yourself well in the society.

10. Website development

This is a new age business idea that is a priority of internet lovers. You need internet for this work but word of mouth marketing in the practical world is more required to undergo this business as you need to find clients to carry on with it.

11. Book Writing

You can write a book on a topic of your choice of interest &  publish it online as an e-book or offline through a publisher. It will make you a brand if you are really good at writing.

12. Catering Service

You can provide full foods & drinking arrangements in functions like marriages e.t.c. This is called as catering

13. Food Delivery service

People do need a food delivery service to get their lunch in their office at time. They also need food at home in Tiffin Box if they don’t have proper cooking arrangements.

14. Cooking Classes

If you like cooking you can teach cooking to people who want to learn or need to learn for themselves or their family.

15. Interior Designing

This is a great business opportunity if you are good at making contacts & building healthy relationship with people as they can always like to decorate their homes. Interior designing is basically for decorating & renovating homes.

16. Astrology

If you are good at astrology then in India you are a lot in demand as people trust astrology very much due to religious & our old generation beliefs.

17. Reservation Services

You may provide services of ticket booking in trains or buses & also hotel rooms booking services through various franchisees provided by the respective authorities in any field.

18. Travel Agency

This is a good business idea & may require some skills but you can become very goo at it with time if you are dedicated towards working as a travel agent. You have to arrange for tour of your clients to the places of interest in the country or abroad.

19. Foreign Exchange Service

Many foreign exchange companies provide franchise to small business owners to exchange currency. You can earn healthy income if you are good at marketing your services specially to foreigners.

20. Typing & Printout Shop

Computer typing is a work that is still in demand because many acts require it on a daily basis. You can also provide computer printout services adding to that.

21. Photo State Shop

Photo state or xerox is a service that is required by people who want copies of their documents. This is a very productive business idea as it has a lot of potential.

22. Cyber Cafe

Internet is a very important thing & cyber cafe provides internet services. Hence, You can run this business too.

23. Gardening Services

People who like to decorate their commercial or residential arrangements with flowers & garden may need your service if you are doing it professionally.

24. Spare parts Shop

Vehicles do need spare parts shops as any part can become not functioning anytime.

25. Computer Hardware/software Service

Computers have a huge market in the field of both hardware & software. You can provide services in this field if you are qualified to do so.

26. Honey Processing

Honey processing is a bit risky business but it is very productive & has a lot of demand.

27. Pets Breeding

You can breed pets & train them. People may need you for the well being of their pets when they are not available for them.

28. Books shop

It can be a book selling shop that you can operate where you can sell all the types of books that are in demand.

29. School uniform shop

All the schools in your city have different uniforms. You can open a separate shop for school uniforms or add it to your already working clothes shop.

30. Medical store

Medicines are a lot in demand too because of the rise in doctors’ advises. Opening a medical store can be one of the great business ideas.

31. Driving School

Teaching driving to young people 7 those who don’t know how to drive can also be a good business.

32. Baby Day Care

Baby sitting is a good job. You can do it even full time as a business with many babies. This is a great business for women.

33. Garage

If you like to repair vehicles then garage business for you only.

34. Gym

If you are a fitness freak or you like exercises then this is a great opportunity for you. Hover proper knowledge is required to understand the equipment needed for starting any gym.

35. Financial Service

Any financial consulting related to tax e.t.c. can come in this category. However, loan providing service is not legal & you strictly need a license to start this business.

36. Plumbing Service

Plumbers in India are needed a lot by people specially in large societies.

37. Photo Studio

If you like photography then you can open your own photo studio.

38. Taxi/Cab Service

If you have a 4 wheeler that you personally don’t use that much then investing in the driver will help & you can make it run as a cab or taxi. Even taking franchisee of OLA or UBER will help you.

39. Selling Old Items

Old items can be bought & sold quickly if you are an experienced campaigner

40. Petrol Pump

However starting & running a petrol pump needs a lot of govt formalities but this is also a great business idea.

41. Banquet Hall

Marriage parties need banquet halls for them to undergo successfully. You can run your own place as a banquet hall if you have one.

42. Mobile shop in a mall

Mall is specifically described in here because people come in large numbers in a mall & they may need to buy mobiles from here. You can also work on any other online business from your shop.

43. Building services

If you like to construct houses & buildings then this a great business opoortunity for you.

44. Painting services

After the  building is done. We need painting services to increase the life of the building. You can hire painters & make them work for your painting agency.

45. Carpentering services

Just like painting services, carpentering service are also required to finish the building wok. You can hire carpenters & do this business.

46. Poultry & fisheries

Fisheries are a great business in areas where fish is served as food. Poultry is related to eggs.

47. Lodge

Opening a lodge will help travelers to stay at your place & it can become very profitable if it is at a place where many people come from other places.

48. Ice cream Parlor

You can open an ice cream parlor too. Selling ice creams is a very attractive business. Just refrigeration has to be taken care of in this business.

49. Video Games Club/Parlor

You can have your own parlor anywhere like malls e.t.c. for people to come & play games together.

50. Direct Selling or MLM

Multi Level Marketing Business model provides you with an opportunity to earn as an independent distributor. Many companies work on this business model to sell their products

51. Farming

Farming is the mainstay in India for many people. Your liking for the work makes it easy for you even after doing a lot of hard work. However, there are many machines available for this business now in the 21st century.

52. Parking Service

Many popular market places, movie halls, malls, temples, e.t.c. need parking places. You can run a paid parking service for the visitors.

53. Wellness coach

If you are a dietician or trainer then being a wellness coach or nutrition expert can be the best business idea for you.

54. Transportation Service

If you have a vehicle that you can use to shift cargo then you can use it in this business.

55. Dance Classes

If you like to dance then you can teach dance forms to students. Charging for those classes will be beneficial for you.

56. Spa

Running a spa is also a business idea.

57. Beauty parlor

Ladies do want some service on themselves for beauty maintenance. Beauty parlor provides that service.

58. Salon

In a salon you get special hair relates services. You can rub yours too if you have experience with it.

59. Hardware shop

Atypical hardware like screw & bolts are found in hardware shop. Many other items are found in here. You can start one for yourself.

60. Play School

Managing kids in a play school is also a good business.

61. Call center

Running a call center is another business where you hire & train employees to take & respond to calls.

62. Jobs Recruiter Agency

This is one of the greatest business ideas as you can provide services of hiring employees to companies & jobs to people by running a recruitment firm.

63. Pathology or Diagnostic Lab

Doctors do write to take tests for proper diagnostic. It is done in pathology labs generally.

64. Cold storage 

Storing fruits & vegetable or any other items may need a cold storage.

65. Used Vehicles Re seller

Buy & sell used vehicles at a great profit.

66. Car pooling services

You can run your car in sharing & make money with it.

67. Pest Control Service

Pest control service is also a kind of business.

68. Water Purification Plant

Now a days, water cleanliness is a lot in demand & you can have your own Reverse Osmosis(RO) plant to purify water.

69. Hostel

This is a bit different kind of accommodation where even partners may come in with the people. You have to take care of their food & other amenities.

70. Paying Guest

You can take money in exchange of providing food to people who live at your place like a guest.

71. Renting House or property

If you are maintaining your home or property very well then this investment can get returns if you give it to people on rent.

72. Ads Agency

If people want marketing then they can hire your services as an ad agency. Therefore, this is a great business idea.

73. Music/DVD Store

Selling music/DVD is a business for music or movie lovers.

74. Festival oriented Shops

At the time of festivals like Holi, Diwali, e.t.c. you can run your own shop related to the items used in these festivals.

75. Boutique

Selling clothes is a great business idea for women in India. Boutique is used to do that only.

76. Making Toys

Toys are made by artistic people. You can make them yourself or hire people to make them. Selling them will take some marketing abilities to work.

77. Provision Stores

Many items can be sold in a provisional store. This is also a good business idea.

78. Bakery

Bakery is again one of the best Business ideas because there is a lot of demand of cakes & pastries daily which are made in bakeries.

79. Electrical Items Repair shop

Every house has electrical items like T.V, Refrigerator, Washing Machine , e.t.c. They need repair too from time to time so this can also be a great business.

80. Mobile Repair shop

Everyone has mobiles now a days. Repairing of mobiles is very much required by them when there is some trouble with their device. This business will operate big time if you have good talent to work with it or if you have hired the right people for the work.

81. Coffee/Tea Shop

Opening a tea/coffee shop will always serve people if your stall is at a place that is good for a social gathering. You will make good profit too.

82. Real Estate Agent

Buying & selling properties is a great business because of the rise in demand of property now a days.

83. VideoGraphy

If you are talented to do videography then this is the business for you.

84. Bouquet making

Bouquet of flowers is a very special item for mankind. You can even make it a business if you like to decorate flowers.

85. Storing Scraps

Scraps may be of use to many factories. Storing them after collecting them from people all around will help you to generate a descent revenue by selling it to the entities that need it.

86. Sanitary Shop

Shops have many necessary items & sanitary products are very much required in any new home, or any other building. Having a sanitary products shop will be beneficial for you.

87. Dairy

Milk Production is also a good business as milk is a very important part of the diet of Indians.

88. Computer Courses

Computer courses are a lot in demand. You can take a franchise of a well known private or public company & teach the courses as per syllabus.

89. Event management

Organizing events is a  strenuous job & people hire event managers for their functions e.t.c.

90. Gifts Store

You can open a gifts store in which you can sell items that can be gifted anytime on any occasion by people.

91. Private Detective

You can become a private detective to work for some client who wants you to investigate on some person or thing as per his/her wish. But, You also need to be legalized with this work.

92. Stationary Shop

Selling stationary is a good business because students for sure & sometimes office employees need them.

93. Motivational Speaker

If you think you are talented to speak positively then this is a very good business idea for you.

94. Yoga Center

If you like & know Yoga then this is the best work for you. You can teach yoga to your students at any place you want & earn through it. Marketing will need some investment in this business but it is one of the best.

95. Freelance Work

It can be any work in which you may or may not be required to invest some money in the beginning. Read our post on freelance jobs to know more about online & offline freelancing.

96. Insurance Agent

Every one wants at least one insurance policy in their lives. You can be an agent of any established insurance company & work on it to provide insurance.

97. Jewelry Maker

Jewelry making is an art but it can become a very profitable business idea if you have the best workers.

98. Grocery Shop

You can sell grocery to people. This can grow huge if you become popular in your area.

99. Marriage Bureau

You can run a marriage bureau to arrange marriages of people who are in need of it.

100. Incense Sticks or Agarbatti making

Agarbatti is a very common household thing in India & you can manufacture it with a simple process to sell to shop owners who retail it.

101. Grains Distribution

Farmers do produce grains but distributors buy it from hem to sell to retailers. You can also do this work if you like.

This was the list of 100+ new & small business ideas in India that can be used up by any Indian to work with practically. Kindly leave comments below if you feel like changing or adding something in this post.

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